We help people in pain and runners with injuries Fix, Heal, & Correct their ailments through our injury recovery programs.

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  • Learn to fix and correct injuries that let you run without pain or discomfort and that means you can achieve your run goals faster.
  • Identify the root cause of your nagging, chronic injury so you're able to put an end to the injury loop which means you can trust your body won't breakdown when you increase distance and pace.
  • A structured framework that guides you through our process to recover, fix, and heal your injury helps you start the actions that will remove the pain, discomfort or injury in your life at this moment which means you get your own unique, personal pathway to injury recovery success!
  • In-depth self-directed injury correction helps you recognize the imbalances and areas of weakness for improvement and efficiency and that means you can prevent and lower your risk of future injuries!

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Our program has been designed to provide injury correction and sports conditioning for runners with injuries whether you're a recreational runner, a veteran marathoner, or an elite pro runner.

Step 1: Releasing

Admit it. Your pre-run regimen is not far off from what your gym teacher taught you in high school for track and field. That's cool for a teenager. But for someone in their 40's or 50's, distance running presents a new level of recovery requirements and injury prevention strategies.

Step 2: Range of Motion

If you cannot hop over a puddle, your gate and range of motion are compromised. Right to left imbalances is where injuries begin. And when one side of your body moves better than the other side of your body, you end up with knots and dysfunction that creates pain and injuries in runners. 

Step 3: Movement

Yup. It's as simple as that. If you can't lunge, you can't run. If you can't balance on one leg, you more than likely cannot run pain-free. Movement precedes the run. We are all humans designed to move a specific way. As Gray Cook says in one of our programs, "we don't stop moving because we get old, we get old because we stop moving."

Step 4: Loading

Most runners go to the gym to get stronger, build a core, and get faster through resistance training. One thing most of them don't know is that working out when you are injured or in pain is like pouring cement over your injury. You solidify your ailments and then they become chronic nagging injuries. ugh..Don't Do that!

Step 5: Activity

You know it. Running. Jogging. Biking. Walking. Anything you LOVE doing but DON'T because you are in pain or discomfort. We see your favorite activity as a vital part of your recovery process. After all, the best feedback your body will give you is when you move.
#RunPainFree 5-Step 
Injury Recovery Framework!

Our program has been designed to provide top-level injury correction and sports conditioning at an affordable price point for runners with injuries whether you're a recreational runner, a veteran marathoner, or an elite pro runner.

Our flagship program lasts six months because we need time to identify, address and correct a movement pattern and then train it to maintain its new modus operandi.

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